Rape Seed Meal

* Rapeseed meal is a coarse powdery material, produced from rapeseed cake after a series of preparatory physical processes followed by multistage extraction under hygienically controlled conditions.  RSM  has a extremelygood amino acid composition, often compared to milk protein, contributes to it is high nutritive value. The amino acid profile showing adequate lysineand methionine is very much favorable to the poultry feed.

* Rapeseed meal has a minimum of 38% O&A and a maximum of 12% fiber.It has a very low fat content (0.5%) and is rich in proteins(37%).  The erucicacid content of the meal is very low (0.25%).It has an extremely good amino acid composition that contributes to its high nutritive value.  The amino acid profile, showing adequate lysine and methionine, is very much favourable to non-ruminant poultry feed.


Protein (O&A)  37% min
Sand & Silica  3% max
Moisture          11% max
Fiber                12 % max
Packing 50kg PP Bags Gross for Net,/break bulk in vessel.
Loadability18.5 MT per FCL    Aff