Hulled sesame seeds

Hulled sesame seeds are what remain after the removal of outer skin or husk of the natural seeds. We are one of leading processors and exporter of hulled sesame seeds. The process involves mechanically separating and drying the de-husked seed in a plant. After removal of the skin, the seeds look almost white in color. Hulled seeds are softer, delicious and nutritious compared to natural seeds, as what remains after removal of skin is the pure product, absent of any micro foreign particles, germs and impurities accumulated on the skin during the stages of harvesting, storing and handling.

Our suppliers carry out hulling process in the most hygienic and controlled conditions in the most modern mechanical plant and use different machines to sort, clean, hull and dry the seeds.








Auto Dried Primium QLT With Salmoniya Loadubg Port Pass Condition As Per EU Standard

Auto Dried (Also called Mech. Dried.)



99.95% Min

Dark Color Seeds

0.03% MAX

0.05% Max


5% Max

5% Max


2% Max

2% Max